Regal – 9.25m x 4.4m

Contemporary Series

The Regal is a modern, fashionable pool style, created to complement today’s architectural styles.This pool features a unique safety ledge, ideal for children and those learning to swim#. Wide entry steps offer an entrance point to both the shallow and deep end of the pool.

Surface Finishes: Available in the complete Pool ColourGuard® range with a Lifetime Interior Surface Guarantee*

Length: 9.25m
Width: 4.4m
Depth: 1m – 2m

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Regal – 9.25m x 4.4m

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Regal – 9.25m x 4.4m

9.25m x 4.4m

Regal – 9.25m x 4.4m

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*Conditions apply
#Children should be supervised at all times

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