We are committed to providing you with the best possible swimming pool, from the materials used during the manufacturing process, to the support structures built into the pool shell and the technology used to ensure superior surface protection and lasting colour.


Pool ColourGuard® uses a dual surface protection system to protect the colour of your pool.  The colour layer is protected by a clear layer, which resists the effects of UV rays and chemicals and stops them from coming into direct contact with the colour layer.

Backed by a Lifetime Interior Surface Guarantee*, the Pool ColourGuard® specialised dual coat system is incorporated during the manufacturing process, where the two layers are merged together.  The result is a pool with a high gloss finish never before seen on swimming pools that will last year after year.

*conditions apply


Not every fibreglass pool has edge beams as wide as 200mm.  The design of the edge beam on a Quantum Composite Pool coupled with its 200mm width means your pool is structurally sound without having to add any secondary engineering works.   The strength is built into the pool’s structure.


Long seating benches, seats and swim outs are a very important part of any great swimming pool design.  The support structures built into a Quantum pool as part of the manufacturing process ensure that any benches, seats or swim outs remain level with the rest of the pool.

The step area is supported using lateral reinforcing baffles, which ensure back fill can easily and effectively be placed around the pool to provide effective support to the entire pool structure.  Without these baffles it would be impossible to ensure the backfill is consolidated in and under the step area.

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